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Since their invention in 1887, the design of  AC electric motors  has remained largely unchanged until now. 

Unlike traditional AC motors that waste an average of thirty-five percent of the energy they consume, our  Maxeff electric motors  waste virtually no energy and function as a complex motor generator in industrial circuits. 

We are committed to changing the way the world uses  electric motors  by eliminating energy waste and running better, faster and more efficiently. 

Our vision is to create energy conscious solutions that help convert our planet, and Maxeff does exactly that. 

In fact, if we were to replace all of the  world’s electric motors  with Maxeff technology, we would reduce global energy demand by 35 percent, reduce our carbon emissions overnight, and reverse climate change.

maxeff engine


What is it that makes the Maxeff engine so disruptive? Our proprietary motor technology is designed not just as a motor, but more like an  electric motor generator , which means that while Maxeff works, it generates its electricity internally. 

This means a shared magnetic field between the motor and the generator’s magnetic field allowing for higher efficiency, virtually no waste, and overall lower operating temperatures. 4.4 million GwH of wasted energy each year.

This means that all the active and reactive energy is used to operate the  Maxeff electric motors  and there is no pollution due to wasted energy. 

The Maxeff motor is developed to replace  conventional electric motors,  reducing consumption and suppressing KVAR at any load level. 

The Maxeff motor is not only more efficient, but also increases the efficiency of nearby motors, making your line run better and reducing usage by 15 to 3 percent at full load and 50 percent at full load. cent and 90 percent without load. 

All with a power factor of 1. With an efficiency of this level, the savings your facility will realize in energy costs are staggering. 

In most cases, it takes 3-12 months to recoup your original investment after using a Maxeff motor.


 Adventech, make the difference. It currently has 3,500 engines in full operation. 

It also recently signed a multi-million dollar expansion in Florence, Alabama, which will allow for increased positive impact. 

The investment is due to the growing demand for this technology and the commitment to take part to counter climate change and create innovative solutions to the problems we face in the world for generations to come.

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