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Ethics Line

    Honesty and integrity

    We are Congruent with our

    At Massy, ​​our behaviors are a reflection of our values: love and care, responsibility, honesty and integrity, collaboration, growth and continuous improvement.

    We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity in conducting our business activities, which is why we have created this channel called the Ethics Line, which allows any interest group to report conduct contrary to Massy’s ethics policy.
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    Business and Personal Integrity

    Massy prohibits making, offering, authorizing or accepting improper payments (bribes or kickbacks) either directly or indirectly, in cash or in kind, in an attempt to influence a decision affecting Massy; or that personally benefits an individual.

    Financial responsibility

    When it comes to financial responsibility, everyone at Massy is committed to protecting and preserving the company's assets and resources, as well as helping to control costs.

    The use of Massy's assets and resources for personal gain or for purposes other than company business is prohibited.

    National and international trade

    Competition / Antitrust We refrain from forming cartels – making agreements with competitors regarding customers, products, services or geographic territories, or regarding the prices at which a product or service will be sold. We do not discuss prices or commercial or technical conditions with a competitor and we do not discuss untruthful issues about the competition.

    Intellectual property

    MASSY GROUP will respect the valid intellectual property rights of third parties and will not knowingly infringe such rights.